Jason Aldean’s “Small Town”: I’m living in it.

Abbe Buck Hann
2 min readJul 25, 2023


Country singer Jason Aldean released a song last May that was doing reasonably well — it was innocuous, actually, until he added a video. The video suddenly had a certain contingency in the USA in lockstep, complaining of racism, due to the singer’s marketing team’s choice of the building Aldean sang in front of, to the video clips that ran throughout. The more controversy, the more the song skyrocketed, going up the charts 999% to Number 2, according to #Billboard* What an amazing jump for the tune “Try That in a Small Town”.


IMO it is a good song. It is a true song. And here I am in a true minority with some of the people who read my blog, “The Bitchy Cripple”. (FB). I’m not trying to beat anyone up. Throw bricks at them. Loot Buildings. Blow up the same buildings. Murder people in Synagogues and Churches. I believe in God. I also believe in ‘Stop The Threat’. Yes I could be that gramma in the living room with a Henry Repeater in her lap.

The reason Mr. Aldean’s song is catching on is because two — thirds of us live in a small town or suburb or bedroom community. We are an not unreasonable people. We love our children, our families, our friends, those close to us. We want to continue to trust certain places we go to have dinner, pick up a package, go grocery shopping at, buy gas at, or just doing the chore of pumping gas, which has been a nightmare for many, some being taken at gunpoint. Aldine has the right to sing about this. It is our right to go and do as we please. This is our right according to the. First Amendment.

One more thing. I like where Aldean filmed it. And his choice of film clips really took place. If this is what people are in an uproar for, I think of the line from the picture “A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth”. Some of us cannot. Interesting how one song about it has raced to the top of the charts in America. But I’m not at all surprised. And There should be a debate, not merely about ‘Guns in America’, but think about it. THINK: how safe have we been pumping our gas in the last three or. four years in The United States of America?

Do you ever wonder if the gramma waiting in line has a conceal permit and is carrying a .22 at Sam’s Club? She might save your life someday.


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