Santos, The Fabulist, and being a ‘fraud under the radar’.

Abbe Buck Hann
3 min readJan 1, 2023

Today is New Year’s Day, 2023. Wow! I’m watching the morning news programs just like I do every Sunday, even though it is New Year’s. The talk is of Congressman-elect George Santos, of New York’s Third District in Queens. So many untruths! Where do I start? Why didn’t the media catch anything while this guy was running? Well, not everybody was John Edwards, and more recently The Donald (yeah, I call him that) but THEY went all in for POTUS. ( Fyi* I’m currently reading and listening to #WAPO’s “The Talented Mr. Santos…” ).

How do I feel about [The Real] George Santos? I believe by going as far as he had he was trying to exploit any headline to be in the headline and win the office. Why not hire a savvy PR? Let me think of some colorful human pet tricks he could have done… donate one hundred thousand dollars to a hospital….team up with Senator Kevin McCarthy. How stupid he was/is! In politics YOU Always get caught. I have to say, even this makes Trump look less interesting right now.

I have a story to share with you, but before you start scrolling here’s a question: what is reinvention? Is it being a fabulist, a liar, a fraud for gain…or survival?

I WAS an Autodidact.

I had very little college. What, three credits, auditing 35 classes in 20 years.

I did not finish high school. I have a GED. After taking the test in my late 40’s, I was asked if I would be a class trainer.

I LIED I had a B.A. on my resume for many years for the work. I got caught (knowingly) one time.

I am a singer. I sang professionally off and on since my 20s. I was just ok. Some people think I’m better. Im not. I’m a purist. I do not believe in electronics to create anyone’s technique or IMAGE.

I AM an entertainer. A good one. A whacko Vaudevillian stuck in a time warp.

I WAS a Government Facilitator. I was above par. I started to work with federal agencies in 1991. I remain one working on the #LymphedemaTreatmentAct, which was signed into law last 12/23/22.

I Am A Jew. I LIED about having Italian Heritage many, many times because of Antisemitism.

I had relatives burned in the Holocaust. My sister toured Dachau and Poland just to see where and why.

I am Ashkenazi. Part is the Ukraine. Part is Grodno. Part Russian…Part Gypsy…

And I Write. Not enough. Just Vignettes. I have a blog on Facebook, The Bitch Cripple, where I rant. There is more to my story. How my mother died of a result of addiction to speed. How my dad was a bagman for Frank “lefty” Leftkowitz while he sold cars for Z-Frank in Chicago… but that story is for another time, and I’d better close now before you start to call me The Talented Mrs. Abbe Miller Buck Hamrick Hann (oh, and did I mention I married three times? Doesn’t everybody?)

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Vocalist portfolio shot, 1987

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Abbe Buck Hann

My profile: I am Jewish. All Ashkenazi Jews have suffered mightily from inherent guilt, from generation to generation. I have lived with this guilt since 1956.